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We're experts at heavy furniture lifting and moving, & PRIDE ourselves in being the best Australian home and commercial office removalists.

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We're experts at heavy furniture lifting and moving, & PRIDE ourselves in being the best Australian home and commercial office removalists.

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Helpful Tips

So, you are moving? Moving can be one of life's most stressing experiences. Avoid stress and a backache. Our best advice is; commission Pride Removals to do the lifting and transporting for you. Here are some other helpful hints.

Step 1 Moving plans

  • Check out the new location for schools etc before you sign for your new home. There may be a waiting list for the schools you like.
  • Budget your move, check pricing for each step of your move.
  • Preferably plan to take a week holiday from work –in some workplaces you need to give ample warning of your holiday plans. Also set aside at least 2 weekends prior to moving to prepare your move.
  • If you are not taking a holiday from work, remember that it is tiring to both work and move. Allow for 2 weeks with appointment free evenings to prepare your move and at least 2 whole weekends prior to your move. Try to factor in an extra free week of free evenings for unforeseen circumstances, so as to be able to reschedule.
  • You will need at least 1 full day to move and 2-3 full days, depending on the size of your home, or a week of evenings for cleaning your old home, if you intend to do the job yourself. (We suggest you order a cleaning service). Be prepared also to clean your new home, as you may not be happy with the standard of cleaning.
  • Prepare children for your move. Prepared and informed children stress less.
  • Plan to keep your pets in a safe place during the move, or it can be stressful for them
  • Eat the food in the freezer

Step 2 Order the services of a Removalist and packing materials

  • Choose a professional and reliable removalist; Pride Removals. Order our service well in advance to your move. It is the best investment ever. It saves you from stressing, it saves your back and it saves your marriage.
  • Order/buy packing materials; boxes, paper, bubble wrapping and tape for delivery at least 2 weeks prior to your move.
  • Alternatively, order a packing and unpacking service, if you do not intend to pack yourself.

Step 3 Administrative

  • Order carpet cleaning and cleaning services for the day after your move make sure window cleaning is included in their service or allow time for cleaning
  • Order a gardening service or allow time for gardening
  • Call to disconnect and reconnect your utilities; Gas, Water and Electricity
  • Call to disconnect and reconnect your telephone and Internet provider
  • Make your change of address notification to:
  • Post office
  • Friends and family
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Veterinary
  • Other health and well being providers
  • Banks
  • Health Insurance
  • Home insurance –make sure this overlaps both homes
  • Car insurance
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

Step 4 Sort out, mend, wash your belongings and throw out unwanted items

  • Do the washing and cleaning of blankets, bedcovers, pillows, curtains, mats and drapes or hand in to cleaners to start you off all fresh and clean in your new home
  • Throw away unwanted things; so that you don't have to cart them to your new home
  • Return borrowed items
  • Arrange a garage sale for toys, etc and put an advertisement in the paper.
  • Sort out all paperwork; gather all receipts for next yearly tax return. Set aside an evening for this task

Step 5 Other home chores

  • Defrost the freezer.
  • Clean the oven. It is a grimy job. Or order a cleaning service for the oven
  • Clean the BBQ

Step 5 Begin packing well in advance

  • Write a list while you are packing to keep track of what is in each box.
  • Start packing items in your garage, shed or attic that are seldom used
  • Dispose of flammable fluids and items in an eco friendly manner
  • Disassemble fixtures and fittings ready for transport
  • Disconnect the washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Disassemble large furniture and outdoor furniture. Place all screws and bolts in separate labelled, transparent bags. Pack in a safe place.
  • If necessary arrange to store certain items in storage.
  • Keep valuables safe
  • Go from room to room packing everything (don't' pack the marking pen or the list)
  • Use tissue paper to wrap crockery as newspaper leave printing ink smudges
  • Line boxes with bubble wrap for fragile glass, china etc
  • Pack your personal items last
  • Pack toiletries, towels toilet paper and household paper separately
  • Know exactly where your bedding is packed, so that you can set up your bedroom as a first priority in your new home
  • Plan easy meals or get takeaway for the last two days in your old home
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Keep a kettle, drinks and snacks, coffee and tea, disposable cups and house hold paper aside for if and when you are cleaning your home
  • If you are cleaning your home, leave cleaning utensils and the stepladder
  • Remember to pack the water hose, but give the garden a good watering, before you leave

Step 6 Time to move!! Check how many boxes ad keep your list

  • Check all the cupboards before you leave.
  • Put aside in an envelope all you your spare keys to give to the property manager, real estate agent, new owner or tenant.
  • Keep an empty box or crate aside to pack cleaning utensils after cleaning, if you intend to clean your home yourself.
  • Walk around for one final check

We know you will have a safe, successful and relaxed move with Pride Removals and wish you the very best in your new home!

Call Pride Removals today for professional, careful, efficient and friendly removalist service.

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