5 Tips On How To Find The Best Move Removals Service

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How To Choose The Best Move Removals Expert

Are you a resident of Perth, or planning to move? You need the best move removals service you can find. If you were like me when I was younger I moved countless times and had many experiences with removalists in Perth.

When we must move it can prove to be one of the most stressful things you may have to do.

1. It Takes A Lot Of Effort To Move

Some studies and research have moved at the same stress levels as funerals. Therefore, we should look at ways of making the whole process as smooth as possible. Depending on how many possessions you have. Can depend on whether you will require the services of a removalist and what type of service to consider.

If you do need a removalist service or company in Perth. Then there are many services to choose from. There are countless companies available to Perth residents. So how to find the right company for you?

If you are like me then you may not want to feel like a number. Some of the larger companies especially when booking may make you feel like simply another customer in the queue.

This is why I would prefer to deal with a slightly smaller company to help you with removals work. Like most of us, you may be looking for professionalism at a good price and friendly service. I find dealing with a smaller company much better. Saying this you still want to know if they are professional.

2. How Do I Know If A Removalist Is Reputable In Perth?

One of the easiest ways to find out if a removalist company is reputable is to check out the social proof. This is primarily looking at Google Business Reviews or maybe view the Facebook page. This way you can see what previous customers are saying about the business. Perth is a small city as far as cities go so checking out social proof can give you a really good idea.

You can also can get a pretty good idea by viewing the actual website if this cannot be done. Does the website look professional? The way a website operates and usability. Is the site mobile friendly? You possibly look hard at the services the company provides. This way you can gauge whether or not they meet your needs.

3. Make Sure The Company Is Insured

A good Idea is asking if the company is fully insured or offer moving insurance. The last thing you want is to have something break in the move. Things that are likely to break from my experience are TV’s, laptops and things of this nature.

Some removalists companies may warn you to ensure these types of items, but others may not, it is simply safer to ask.

4. What Do I Need To Know About Costs When Booking?

When it comes to pricing or let’s say getting a good price. Then you should consider where the base or office of the removalist company is you are going to use. Most companies will charge you on distance or per kilometre returning to base. So, in simple terms, if you live north of the river in Joondalup then choose a company close by.

The same as if you south of the river or even east toward Ellenbrook and the Swan Valley.  If you live in the city centre, then choose someone close.

In simple terms choose a removalist that is local if you can.

Comparing quotes can also be an option but keep in mind you may get what you pay for. The other tip I could give is to ask for a written quote. That will keep you out of the grey area and keep things black and white. You don’t want to end paying more than you should.

5. The Best Move Removals Service Choice

To cover all the things mentioned above is a removalists company I recommend called Pride Removals. I have used them on numerous occasions and have referred them to friends and family.

Pride Removals is family owned and operated however they have a good range of trucks and vehicles to get the job done. The trucks have hydraulic lifts which can make a big difference in which the speed of the job will get done.

They are fully insured and act in a professional way. The main thing I like about them is that they are friendly and at the same time get the job done fast with efficacy. I have never had anything break and do recommend them to close friends and family.

They are based near Joondalup which makes them central to many suburbs in Perth. They have 5-star reviews on their removal company Perth near me page! You can view the reviews on Google Business Profile and Business Listings

You can call them at 0400 114 714 or make an enquiry here.


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